Considering DSOs, innovative control strategies will be developed to provide ancillary service solutions aiming to mitigate overvoltages and congestion issues which frequently occur in ADNs with high DRES penetration. The optimal distribution grid operation will be an additional target. To accomplish this, coordinated control strategies will be developed, achieving specific optimization objectives, such as the minimization of energy losses.

Moreover, advanced TSO-oriented ancillary services will be proposed, focusing on the frequency control of the transmission system. These ancillary services will be provided to TSOs by DSOs and will include advanced features such as virtual inertia and power smoothing capabilities. The coordinated operation of the proposed control strategies shall address the effect that the intermittent RES generation has on the abnormal frequency deviations.

Within this project, innovative, decentralized monitoring techniques will be developed to enhance observability and visibility of ADNs and facilitate the real-time application of the proposed ancillary services. The distinct feature of these techniques lies on the fact that they can be easily incorporated into grid-interfaced converters, thereby increasing the monitoring capabilities in ADNs.

A prototype grid-interfaced converter for both ESSs and DRES units will be developed, incorporating all control strategies and monitoring techniques to be developed within ACTIVATE. Therefore, the developed converters will act not only as a conventional control unit but also as a monitoring device, further facilitating the penetration of DRESs in the frame of ADNs.