1.1 Review of the state-of-the-art and technical solutions

This deliverable summarizes the state-of-the-art, challenges and possible technical solutions regarding the three key objectives of the project, i.e. a) the ancillary services in Active Distribution Networks (ADNs) with special emphasis to the Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Distribution System Operator (DSO) interaction, b) architecture technologies and techniques of network monitoring systems in ADNs and c) power converters.

6.1 First accessible version of social media accounts

The aim of this deliverable (D6.1) is to provide a list dissemination tools created for the ACTIVATE project, in order to increase public awareness and communicate the project advances and outcomes through the project web-site accompanied and interlinked with its respective social media accounts (Researchgate, LinkedIn and Facebook Pages). Each social link is completed with a short description of its target and operational strategy.

7.1 Establishment of the project handbook

The purpose of the Project Management Handbook is to define the project organisation, operating procedures, and roles of all members of the research group related to day-to-day project activities. It describes the work breakdown of all Tasks in all work packages (WPs) and the initial time frame within which each individual work must be completed. Finally, D7.1 establishes a List of Milestones and a Risk and Contingency Plan for evaluating the progress and success of the work within each WP.

2.2 Power smoothing control strategies using ESSs

This deliverable investigates different power smoothing control strategies by exploiting and properly dimensioning Energy Storage Systems (ESSs).

3.1 Multi-channel measurement-based identification methods for the analysis of ADNs

Multi-channel identification methods have been developed and their applicability in transmission and distribution grids is thoroughly evaluated.

3.2: A three-level distributed architecture for the real-time monitoring of ADNs

A three-level distributed network monitoring architecture is proposed, concerning the dynamic analysis of transmission, primary and secondary distribution networks by exploiting measurements of ambient data and transient responses.

4.1: Patent of the developed converter for voltage and frequency regulation of ADNs

A patent has been submitted describing in detail the design of the power electronics converter incorporating featires form WP2 and WP3.

2.1: A unified control strategy for voltage regulation and congestion management in active distribution networks

A new control architecture is proposed to overcome under-/overvoltages, current overload, and voltage unballance issues using the reactive power of DRESs and the active/reactive power of distributed bettery energy storage systems (DBESSs).

5.1: Validation of the proposed holistic approach

The overall ACTIVATE system performance is evaluated by using simulation and power-hardware-in-the-loop results in combined transmission and distribution network models. The holistic system of ACTIVATE comprises of centralized and decentralized control features to enhance the overall network performance as well as a network monitoring system to support a number of online and offline dynamic analysis applications by exploiting measurements obtained at the transmission, primary and secondary distribution network.

6.4: Closing event. International workshop

This deliverable includes material from the closing event of the project – international workshop that was organized on 19/05/2023 in the building of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering in Democritus University of Thrace.

6.2: List of published scientific papers

This deliverable is a public report with all published scientific material (journals and conference papers).

6.3: Newsletters

This deliverable includes all seven publised newsletters.

7.2: Project final report

This deliverable is the closure of ACTIVATE, including all technical advances achieved and introduced, list of publications, dissemination results, etc.