Power Systems Laboratory (PSL) and Electrical Machines Laboratory (EML),
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department,
Democritus University of Thrace (DUTH),
Xanthi, Greece

The involved laboratories are adequately equipped with the necessary infrastructure for the verification activities foreseen (simulation and emulation packages, DSPACE platform, electric loads, DSP programmers, Evaluation Boards, FPGA programmers, workstations and offices etc.) as well as to develop the anticipated tools in the frame of the project. DUTH is proud to be one of the largest Universities in Greece. In this context, it has attracted a significant number of research programs funded by the EU, national and private resources. The research team of ACTIVATE consists from two DUTH academics, three PhD candidates and two MSc students.


Institute for Energy and Environment (IEE),
Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering,
University of Strathclyde (UoS),
Glasgow, U.K.

Considering measurement data acquisition, experimentation and real-world validation, required to fulfil the objectives of the project the infrastructure of the IEE will be used. The D-NAP laboratory of IEE provides an environment for research, development and testing of smart grid functions incorporating PHIL functionalities with real-time simulators. An excellent cooperation has been already developed with the staff of the IEE, in the frame of previous projects (DERri, ERIGrid). Also, experts in the topics related to power systems modeling and simulation with increased penetration of DRESs and near real-time dynamic security assessment from UoS, will participate in the development of ACTIVATE network monitoring techniques.


Department of Electric Power engineering (IEL),
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU),
Trondheim, Norway.

Experts from IEL, NTNU will contribute on the development and testing of the prototype three-phase converter. NTNU experts are specialized in the area of wide band gap power converters design, gate and base driver designs for WBG devices, as well as dc-breaker concepts for MV and HVDC systems, where he has published several high-impact papers.


Power Systems Laboratory (PSL),
School of Electric and Computer Engineering,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH),
Thessaloniki, Greece

The PSL of AUTH has significant experience in the topics related to power system analysis, modelling, DRES integration and smart grids. The PSL has several publications in the above fields and has been involved in more than 25 regional and European projects. Experts from the PSL will contribute the development and design of both the ACTIVATE innovative ancillary services and also the new network monitoring architecture.